Part 1 of The Top 10 Films of 2017 So-Far

This Episode has a very important announcement towards the end of the episode so stay tuned.  Kevin also covers the second half of his top 10 of the year so-far.  Does your list match up with his, are there any films that made your list that he hasn't brought up yet?  Tune in this week and next week to hear the rest of the list.

Episode 98: Micro Five

With the technical difficulties of the recording this week Kevin comes to the table late but with 5 small reviews of movies both streaming and in the theater now. 

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Episode 97: The Dark Tower

In this brief episode Josh and Kevin cover "The Dark Tower" Staring Idris Elba, and Matthew McConaughey.  Does the latest Steven King adaptation rise to the reputation of others or does it falter.

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Episode 96: An interview with Josh Larsen

Happy Monday. Today marks a great day in history.  It is the total eclipse here in Oregon and Kevin gets a chance to interview and talk with Josh Larsen.  Josh Larsen is the author of "Movies are Prayers" and the co-host of one of Kevin's favorite movie podcasts "Filmspotting." They discuss Josh's new book as well as a fellow passion for viewing films critically.

The theme music for "The Zade Storey" was written and recorded by Kevin Zade.  You can follow Kevin's guest Josh Larsen by clicking the following links.  Follow Josh on Twitter, find Josh at his website, and listen to him on his podcast Filmspotting.

Episode 92: Dunkirk

Josh, Jacob, Kenny, Kevin, Matt, their names are your names too. For a movie as big as "Dunkirk" It takes five hosts to get this right. Even though the film is a historical event Kevin and Jacob discuss their reaction to the film version of the ending. Meanwhile Kenny and Josh feel the character development is a bit lacking. Matt feels as though this movie was created specifically for him as he claims it to be "One of the best theater experiences he has ever had." The discussion is great and the film ends up spreading the board when it comes to the ratings. 

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Episode 91; Micro-Brew Gladiator

Matt Deluca stars as a guest host and first time viewer of Gladiator which is one of Kevin's all time favorites. Does Ridley Scott's 2001 best picture winner stand up in 2017? Listen here to find out.

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Episode 87: Baby Hosts (Baby Driver)

This episodes is not for babies.  It is however for drivers, unless of course you are a baby.  Tim Gillette invites himself into the Zade Storey studio to review the latest crime action comedy "Baby Driver" from director Edgar Wright. This episodes contains alcohol.

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Episode 86: Giant Pig Hosts (Okja)

Kevin reviews the 2017 Netflix original "Okja" directed by Bong Joon-Ho. After seeing Snowpiercer in 2014 Kevin was willing to give anything Bong Joon-Ho made a watch.  Can Tilda Swinton give back to back incredible perfrmances as wacky people willing to bend over to the almighty dollar or does even a giant super pig have it's limits?

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Episode 85: Hosts on the Go (Cars 3)

Kevin and his eldest daughter Gracie talk Cars 3.  Josh is out for the week as summer finally starts to kick in up in the northwest but luckily for our listeners Kevin and Gracie were up for the challenge as Gracie took Kevin to "Cars 3" to celebrate Fathers day. Does Lightning McQueen have what it takes to wow his viewers both young and old? 

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Episode 84: Lady Hero Six Pack

After last weeks discussion of "Wonder Women" Kevin decided to list off his six favorite female heroes. Does Gal Gadot end up on the list or does Kevin settle for more traditional heroines like "Elektra." Listen to find out.

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Episode 82: The Hosts Get Out (Get Out)

Kevin welcomes his wife Jordan into the studio to talk about 2017's sensational thriller "Get Out" directed by Jordan Peele. Jordan picked this film although it is way out of her genre preference. Kevin brings the baggage of 99% on Rotten Tomatoes into the viewing. Will Jordan look past the creepiness and will Kevin give it a break despite having super high expectations? Listen and find out.

The trailer for Get out was taken from and does not belong to the Zade Storey.  You can find Kenny Pruett's Podcast "Chew it with Pruett" HERE

Episode 81: Creation at Any Expense (Alien Covenant)

The Zade Storey welcomes back Jacob Davis to cover the first four chronological "Alien" movies starting with Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" (2012), then "Alien: Covenant" (2017), Followed by the original 1979 "Alien" and concluding with James Cameron's "Aliens" (1986).  Kevin and Jacob have seen all these films together which makes this a special occasion.  When they watched Alien for the first time it changed Kevin's view of what horror could achieve. Can Ridley achieve the same result 38 years later? Listen to find out.

The sound clips from the movies do not belong to the "Zade Storey" and were taken from as well as Wagner's "Entry of the Gods to Valhalla" 

Episode 80

An attempt at a review of the new Marvel film.  It ended up being a cluster.  We do announce the winner of a contest though, so that was fun!

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The Kegerator

One of the gifts Kevin gave to his wife for being the mother of his children was not editing this weekend.  So our "Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2" episode will air next week. For those who didn't catch it in December of 2015 this is Teresa Zade (Kevin's Mom) and Kevin talking about Meryl Streep's film "Riki and the Flash".  Kevin gives a terrible explanation for why he calls this episode a kegerator (but he would love feedback.) Enjoy 

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Episode 79: Remembering Jonathan Demme

Jonathan Demme was a master at elevating material and directed some of Kevin's favorites including "The Manchurian Candidate", "Philadelphia," and "Silence of the Lambs" plus many more. In this very short micro-brew we briefly discuss his work and due to a listener request bring back 3's Company Clips!

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Episode 78: Fate of the Hosts (Fate of the Furious)

78 episodes later and they are still making fast and the furious sequels.  Will it ever stop? Should they ever stop? Josh and Kevin talk here about the highs and lows of latest franchise installment. Nostalgia runs rampant as Kevin and Josh call back to their first official episode when they review Furious Seven.

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Episode 77: The Growler with Paul Thomas Anderson

Welcome to the Growler.  Similar to a micro-brew episode only instead of doing a small episode on an older film we do an extra long episode about one director. In this Growler episode Kevin welcomes back Jacob Davis to the studio where Kevin and him talk about every movie PTA wrote and directed.  They cover 7 films, one director, all in around 2 hours. Enjoy

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